Know about the instructors and Students

He is part of the mural team and active HDS instructors. David is been sharing his skills in photo edition and graphic design for different HDS Org projects.

Josue David Rubio


incredible painter sharing space at HDS studio, inspired by different horror films and stories, she shares her work inviting her family to the studio and to HDS exhibit events in the Valley.

Melissa Enciso

Kim is part of Hartnell student and active painter volunteering at the studio, she has a colorful portfolio inspired in animals and other creatures. Kim's artwork is been part of many HDS exhibits like "El Despojo" 2019.

Kim Talavera

A massive creator at HDS studio, he likes to start a new piece each day he spends at the studio and doing it on big formats.

Manuel Arevalo

Part of Nolasco's work is on different walls from the Valley, is an active instructor at Boronda Elementary School and HDS studio. Owls and ants are part of his inspiration and car engines one of his hobbies.

Jose Nolasco

Skater, gamer and active member of HDS studio, his drawings and artwork are inspired by the action figure collection and videogames.

Angel Hernandez

He speaks three languages and enjoys sharing experiences with his little brother, action figures are part of his hobbies. Jose is a cinephile is into Marvel films and enjoys to work and play by HDS studio.


Student and active HDS creator, Jared takes care of different kind of animals, sharing this with others taking his dog to the studio space. His artwork is been part of different exhibits in Salinas Valley.

Jared Contreras

A student and studio assistant, Luis is very social and likes to do questions, some of his ideas are part of Natividad pediatric center today.

Luis Contreras

enjoys sharing good talks and his ideas. Luis is part of the muralist team, his work is spread on the Valley walls and Snake figures are part of his drawing and painting inspiration.

Luis Enrrique Aguilar

Student and an incredible dancer. Scarlet is an instructor/organizer sharing experiences as a volunteer for HDS and inviting more highschool friends to join the projects and learn about the Org.

Scarlet Magdalena Figueroa

she/her, college student part of HDS family, her inspiration comes from different points and Van Gogh's world is one of them. Areli's artwork is been part of different HDS exhibits in Salinas.

Areli Espinoza

A fashion enthusiast, is part of HDS family, is curious and likes to learn about the process of different sculpture techniques, once she finds the right moment she starts experimenting on her piece. Her work is part of the "El Despojo" 2019 exhibit.

Ainzley Nai

CSUMB postgraduate, part of the HDS muralist team, an active painter, masks and sculpture creator. Padilla is also a business entrepreneur and future teacher.

Juan Carlos Padilla