HDS visiting Talents from Carmel

HDS visited Kay Villalobos, she is a beautiful soul dedicated to create creatures with ingredients taken from many different dimensions. Villalobos creations are taking forms from her collections, her house is habitat for statues, toys, photos and objects of different sizes and centuries, there is mannequins covered with births, some of them with head, some of them just torsos but all of those representing some characters from Villalobos' worlds, her collages taking psychedelic forms, many of them repeating images from Latin american religious icons, just like is the Guadalupana witch Kay loves so much and calls "lady Guadalupe". We shared talks in this space that she also uses as studio with help from her personal assistants, some of them are from Oaxaca.

We appreciate in this Blog to Kay for the invitation and attention she bringed.

#kayVillalobos #escultura



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