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José G. Ortiz

Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor, Designer, Fabricator, Muralist, and Educator

Jose started his career as a clay sculptor at the age of 3 and started drawing at the age of 5. He was resident sculptor for the Western Stage Theater Company. He has worked as an agricultural worker.  He has dozens of public murals in the Monterey Bay area. He founded  Hijos Del Sol  Arts Productions to offer an experimental space where young people can explore their creativity at no cost. He and HDS have collaborated with numerous Monterey Bay area community arts organizations. Currently, he is working with the Dual Immersion Academy in Salinas and is the Lead Instructor for Hijos Del Sol’s Experimental Studio. 


He loves his work and enjoys reading, watching independent and foreign films,  going to museums, and spending time with his family. 


He studied Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.


José G. Nolasco

Illustrator, Painter, Sculptor, Designer, Fabricator, Muralist, and Educator


José “Pepe” Nolasco is a visual arts practitioner. He has been developing his vocational skills at Hijos Del Sol Arts  Productions since age nine. He has exhibited at many HDS Collective Exhibits, and had an exhibit at CSUMB Salinas Center for Arts and Culture as a solo artist. He created a Días de Muertos annual Exhibit with his students at Dual Immersion Academy in Salinas, Ca .  He has collaborated with José G. Ortiz in many important larger than life murals around Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. He designed and painted four major murals including a 300ft. community mural at Tate Park in Marina CA. Currently, he performs visual art follow me projects at google meet DIAS and creates visual art tutorials online for HDS.


Currently, he  attends Hartnell College and plans to continue his studies at CSUMB California State University Monterey Bay pursuing a Bachelors of Arts Degree in the fine Arts. 

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